Cherry Clough (pronounced cluff) is a network of world-class experts, not a traditional company, so has low overheads. Networking means we are cost effective whatever the size of the project. We only use experts where their expertise is needed. And we don’t use anybody unless they have proved themselves expert, and share our practical approach to reducing our customers’ overall costs and improving their overall competitiveness, using plain English.

Keith Armstrong graduated in electrical engineering with a B.Sc (Hons.) from Imperial College London in 1972, majoring in analogue circuit design and electromagnetic field theory, and achieved Upper Second Class Honours (Cum Laude).

Much of his working life until 1990 involved solving real-life interference problems in high-technology products, systems, and installations, for a variety of companies and organisations in a wide range of industries. Keith has always aimed to make products easy to design and manufacture, work properly, please their users, and make money for their manufacturers. In the mid-1980s he ran the project to develop an entirely new range of microwave test instruments (the 6200 series) for Marconi Instruments, as well as being in charge of all of its hardware design.

Keith has been a Chartered Electrical Engineer (UK) since 1978, a Group 1 European Engineer since 1988, and has written and presented a great many papers on EMC and on EMC for Functional Safety. He is a past chairman of the IEE’s Professional Group (E2) on Electromagnetic Compatibility, a member of the IEEE’s EMC and Product Safety Societies, chairs the IEE’s Working Group on 'EMC and Functional Safety', and is the UK expert appointed to the IEC 61000-1-2 (‘EMC and Functional Safety’) maintenance team.