We are very experienced in providing training courses all over the world, in the English language.

Public training courses:

Other organisations arrange courses that we take part in, or provide all of.

Please contact us if you want to attend one of these courses.

Private, ‘in-house’ training courses tailored to your needs:

We provide complete training courses designed to provide a complete overview of a particular topic, or courses customised to suit your needs.

Our training material is divided into a great many ‘modules’ – each lasting between ½hr and 6 hours (typically 1-2 hours) – so that they can easily be combined to create training courses that are tailored specifically to the needs of each individual customer.

The lists on this website give an idea of what modules we have available. Detailed contents lists for our modules are available on request. Don’t expect to get more than 6 hours of modules in one training day, even without any discussion sessions. We may have modules that are not yet listed, or we may be able to modify a module (or create a new one) to better meet your needs. So please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

In-house training courses are more effective than public courses because we can use examples that apply directly to the products/systems/installations concerned. We encourage delegates to bring examples or drawings they want to discuss. This makes the courses much more relevant.

Delegates are also able to discuss confidential information in a way that they couldn’t in a public course – adding a valuable consultancy element to the course.

In-house courses are also less costly because they use the customer’s own meeting or training facilities, and the delegates don’t have to waste time travelling.

We charge a fixed fee (plus expenses) for up to 15 delegates – so the cost for 5 or more delegates is usually less than public courses (that aren’t as valuable anyway).

The customer usually provides all the meeting facilities, refreshments and lunch, and arranges everything concerning the delegates who will attend the course.

We usually provide a master copy of the delegate notes, as hard copy or a PDF file, for the customer to have copied and bound ready for the course. The notes are usually PowerPoint slides at 6 to a page, but other formats are easily arranged.

All we do is turn up for the training days and plug our laptop into the customer’s VGA projector. We are happy to provide any/all meeting facilities, at extra cost.

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