Introduction to EMC for reducing financial risks 1 day
What is EMC? – And why is it now a commercial necessity? (1hr version available) 2 hrs
The real engineering and financial need for EMC 1 hr
Managing EMC in product design and manufacture
(for compliance and competitive advantage)
1½ hrs
Managing EMC for systems and installations 1½ hrs
EMC for Financial Directors
(the very real financial benefits of doing EMC properly in all company departments)
½ hr
Trends in EMC 1 hr
Exploding a few EMC myths ¼ hr
CE + CE does not equal CE ! (for EMC) What to do instead 1 hr
Three powerful QA tools help maintain EMC compliance in volume production ½ hr
Assessing electromagnetic environments and specifying EM performance ¾ hr
Assessing an electromagnetic environment 1 hr
EMC for competitiveness ½ day
CE + CE does not equal CE ! (for safety) What to do instead 1 hr
Basic principals for managing safe design 1½ hrs
Introduction to EMC for Functional Safety (¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1½ hr versions available) 2 hrs
A procedure for managing EMC for Functional Safety ¾ hr
Designing and testing for EMC for Functional Safety (½ day version also available) 1 day