We provide hard-won design, assembly, and installation expertise to manufacturers and their test laboratories, for everything from…

  • Mass-produced appliances, personal electronics and vehicles
  • through… capital equipment, custom-engineered equipment
  • to… systems, installations, buildings and structures
  • of any size or purpose, fixed or mobile, including safety-critical, nuclear and military

We use proven good engineering practices to…

  • Reduce the number of design iterations
  • Fix problems quickly at low-cost when they arise
  • Reduce time-to-market, design and manufacturing costs
  • Improve reliability, reduce warranty costs and reduce financial risks

EMI, RFI, EMC and safety are not metaphysics or black magic. We only use proven methods, internationally-recognised best-practices, and plain English.

EMC design is often referred to as ‘black magic’ when it is really nothing of the sort. But it is very complex, and learning about it can take a long time with a huge cost in design iterations, missed market opportunities, or high warranty costs.

Our aim has always been to transfer our knowledge and experience to your own personnel, to get them up their learning curve quickly with the lowest costs, so they don’t repeat the costly mistakes that so many people have already made.

We recognise that design consultants like ourselves are not inexpensive to employ, so we aim to minimise what you spend on us. This means we are always trying to make ourselves redundant, so you need us less and less as your personnel’s expertise increases.

Companies often come to us after wrestling with an interference or safety problem for many months, even years, and we can usually help them fix it with low manufacturing costs within a few days or a couple of weeks. It costs much less overall to employ our training or expertise at the start to prevent the problem from arising at all, or to fix it as soon as it appears.