Welcome to Cherry Clough Consultants

We are independent consultants who help manufacturers, installers, and users deal quickly and cost-effectively with interference, safety, and compliance with EU Directives and similar regulations.

Using proven SI, PI and EMC design techniques we reduce
design/development time and cost; time-to-market; overall cost of manufacture; warranty costs, financial risks.

Australia & New Zealand, EMC and safety design courses
Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch: April-May 2016

mmediate Project and Financial Benefits        Practical Methods      Plain English
INCLUDES: Overview of changes to EU Directives into force April-June 2016,
with big implications for the entire supply chain (agents, distributors, etc.)

Organised by EMC Technologies, visit: www.emctech.com.au/seminars-events
– or you can download their brochure and booking form here

The IET's 2013 guide on EMC for Functional Safety / Risk Management of EM disturbances
Overview of techniques and measures related to EMC for Functional Safety
This is the first practical method for dealing with this increasingly important safety issue, which is now being implemented in IEC Functional safety standards, an IET Code of Good Practice, and an IEEE standard.

Keith Armstrong's textbooks
Colour-printed on demand (not available from Amazon or other resellers)

Good EMC Engineering Practices for Systems and Fixed Installations
Training courses on complying with the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC & 2014/30/EC), and
- the UK’s 2006 EMC Reg's (SI 2006 No. 3418), and
- BS7671 (the IET Wiring Regulations), and
- IEC 62305-4 (lightning protection of electronic equipment)

For details email Alan Warner or phone him on +44(0)7904 360297