NEW: EMC Compliance & Design Courses in Australia, 2018
Adelaide: April 23-27, Melbourne: April 30- May 4, Sydney: May 7-11

Since 2000, my EMC courses in Australia and New Zealand have become very popular indeed. Each year’s courses are updated to the state-of-the-art for that year, and feedback from each year’s delegates is used to improve the next year’s courses. 
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Intended for practising engineers (or their managers), very practical guidance with little maths.

For the last 15 years, whenever feedback forms were used our courses have scored > 80%.

Electronic design
Mechanical design
Electrical assembly and wiring
Systems & installations (design & construction) (also: control panels)
Management & procedures
EMC for functional safety (also for high-reliability & legal metrology)
Testing & standards for designers
Testing & standards for testers
How we provide training courses
Our famous EMC demonstration